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Whether you’re new to zero waste shopping, or you’re a seasoned veteran, welcome to Shuki. At the core of our business we’re avid environmentalists, passionate about ending plastic pollution and advocating for environmental justice. The following products in our zero waste store have been perfectly curated to provide you with some awesome plastic free alternatives.

But first, let’s take a step backward – what exactly is, “zero waste?” The zero waste movement has become a growing trend in the past several years as more and more eco-minded individuals are eager to practice a more sustainable lifestyle. The concept is simple – use eco-friendly tools and strategies to eliminate your unnatural waste. This can include bringing your own reusable grocery containers to a store with bulk bins, purchasing toiletries with no packaging like shampoo bars, and taking your own cutlery for take away food. These are all worthwhile efforts and great ways to reduce your plastic and other single use material waste.

But we’d be remiss to not mention that the concept of, “zero waste,” can be overwhelming. The idea of completely eliminating your waste is enough to make even the most committed environmentalist’s head spin! We’re here to tell you that being eco-friendly is not an ‘all or nothing’ game. Unless you’re going off the grid and living Bear Grylls-style, getting your waste down to zero is going to be extremely difficult. 

The good news is that even small steps can make a big difference. As we’ve seen in nature documentaries and Youtube videos, it only takes one plastic bag or one plastic straw to hurt an animal. Beyond this, plastic pollution impacts  virtually every ecosystem and community on Earth. Avoiding this unnecessary use of plastic is a great first step toward shifting away from petroleum based products, and protecting our planet. And we’re here to make this as easy, affordable and practical as possible. 

Not sure where to start? Here are the 5 best finds at our zero waste shop!

Straight Reusable Straw Sets

If you haven’t seen the video of the turtle with a straw sticking out of its nose, then congratulations  because you probably live off the grid and are already zero waste! In all seriousness though, it’s become apparent in recent years how unnecessary plastic straws are. What once was a staple at every restaurant, has become the poster child for plastic waste. 

The good part? Bringing your own reusable straw to restaurants and drive thrus is so easy! Straws are small, portable and easy to clean,

Our metal straw sets are, not surprisingly, one of Shuki’s best sellers. Don’t underestimate the simplistic look of the classic metal straw, it’s highly functional and incredibly effective in helping eliminate single use plastic straws. This original design is the motivation behind our zero waste online store, because helping reduce plastic pollution is our jam!

This 215mm long metal straw is the perfect versatile size for all your drinks. It comes in a pack of four metal straws, an agave bristle cleaner and a linen bag to keep it all together. There are also a ton of fun colors to choose from if you want to mix up the classic silver steel look.

Want to match your metal straw to your rings? Select our gold straws. Want to show your funky personality? Get a set of rainbow straws. Or if you’re feeling indecisive and love all of them, get yourself a multi-color set, with different colors to fit different occasions.

You can also throw it back retro style and get one of the OG plastic-free straw alternatives in bamboo. Transport yourself to a hip Bali cafe, sipping out of a smoothie bowl with this uniquely crafted straw.

Curved Reusable Straws

Same amazing steel straw, just a little kinkier. This curved reusable straw is just like the straight steel straw, except for a slight curve three quarters up the straw. Throw it in your bag the next time you head out for a morning juice, or afternoon cocktail, and never worry about getting caught out with plastic straws again. Nice!

Ideal for cups and mugs to give you a little more reach, this metal straw also comes in a range of fun colors. Check out the silver, gold, blue, rainbow or multi-color options to add some variety in your sustainability journey. The set comes with four straws, as well as the linen bag and agave bristle brush cleaner.

Boba Metal Straw

Need a little more width in your straw? Having a hard time getting that drink down? (We’re looking at you boba tea and milkshakes!). Then check out our Boba Metal Straw, designed for those more stubborn drinks.

This 12mm wide sleek metal straw is double the width of our other reusable straws, so you’ll have no problem getting down your favorite beverage. It also comes in two colors. You can rock the classy steel look, or splash out with our fun rainbow color.

The Boba Metal Straw also comes with a sleek agave bristle brush to make it easy to clean after use. And don’t worry about getting any of the pieces missing, our no waste store has you covered with a linen cloth bag for you to take on the go to your favorite spot.

Artisan Cutlery Kit

Cutting back on single-use plastic doesn’t just end at straws, keep the momentum going into the whole takeaway scene. Time to ditch the old plastic cutlery sets and replace them with our beautifully crafted, mango wood cutlery kit.

This artisan cutlery kit has all the key essentials you need for dining. Along with the standard fork, knife and spoon the kit also has a spork, chopsticks and a bamboo straw. To help keep the kit clean there’s also a coconut fiber brush and a handmade pouch to keep it all in.

Whether you’re taking a picnic down to the beach, or grabbing something on the go, this reusable cutlery kit means you’ll never have to opt for disposable cutlery again. Plus, look how damn sleek and stylish this set looks. Not only are you gonna crush the sustainability game, but you’re gonna look good doing it.

And the best part… the cutlery set is fairtrade and handmade from artisans in North Central India, making each kit uniquely different to the next.

Artisan Spork Set and Individual Cutlery

Don’t need the whole kit, but want to add a few pieces to your set? Check out our spork set, or individual pieces, to start with. The spork is the most underrated utensil, if you ask us. You can use our artisan spork set for almost any meal. Pasta salad? We got you. Tomato bisque? No problem. Slice of cake? Done. This is the perfect tool to have ready in your purse or car for any eating situation. We recommend grabbing a few to have wherever you may end up eating. Plus it’s fun to be able to pull out an extra for a friend who may be new to the zero waste movement! Sharing is caring (and education!).

When you purchase from our zero waste shop you not only get great plastic free products, but all items are delivered in 100% plastic free packaging. It’s all part of our commitment as a plastic free shop! Are you ready to start your journey towards a plastic free world?